Top 6 investigation movies dubbed in hindi on youtube

Adam Joan

Adam John Pothen is a rich farmer. He goes to Scotland when his mother is killed and his daughter is kidnapped by unknown people. Adam starts an investigation along with his friend Cyriac.


Arun had a dream of becoming a filmmaker and took up the job of a police officer after his father’s death. Meanwhile, Arun investigates the missing of a schoolgirl, Amudha. Arun finds similarities between Samyuktha and Amudha’s case, due to the same doll found at Amudha’s house. He then attempts to track down a psychotic killer.

3.The Great Father

David is a Builder. One day he returns home he finds his daughter Sarah being brutally assaulted. David takes her to the hospital where his wife works. when Sarah recovers she reveals that she is attacked by a masked man. David decide to find and kill him.

4.Anjaam Pathiraa

Anwar works as a criminologist in City Police on the special recommendation of his friend. After a series of murders happen in the city, Anwar helps police officers find the killer. will he be able to find the killer and solve the case?


The film revolves around Samuel (Tovino Thomas), he forensic officer who investigates a series of murders of young girls. Samuel’s sister-in-law, ACP Rithika (Mamta Mohandas) leads the police investigation team, will they be able to track the serial killer?


The starts with a young crime inspector named Kumaran, who is chasing a petty thief and witnesses Dheena murdering his wife. Kumaran chases Dheena and kills Dheena for self-defence.

As Kumaran investigates the murder, he discovers that Dheena is involved in a project called “Project Maayavan.” The project is a scientific breakthrough that allows a person to store their memories in a hard drive and transfer them to another individual. This technology has the potential to be used for good or evil, and Kumaran soon finds himself caught in the middle of a dangerous game.