Top 6 Best South Indian Movies Dubbed in Hindi – Watch Now


The film Drishyam tells the story of Vijay Salgaonkar, a easy cable TV operator residing in a small village in Goa. Vijay is a loving husband and father to his daughters, Anju and Anu. One night, at the same time as Vijay is out, Anju is visited by Sam, the son of the nearby police inspector. Sam attempts to rape Anju, In the struggle, Sam was killed.

Vijay is decided to protect his daughter, so he comes to a decision to cover up Sam’s dying. He buries the frame in his backyard and disposes of the evidence. However, the police soon begin to suspect Vijay and his family. Inspector Meera Deshpande, Sam’s mother, is a determined investigator who is determined to convey the killer to justice.


Jayaraman, a blind lift operator  He is the loyal friend of Krishnamurthy,

Krishnamoorthy tells Jayaraman his past, a man named Vasudevan was imprisoned by Krishnamoorthy

As a result, Vasu’s family suicide. Vasu becomes mad and avenges his loss. when Vasu has been released from prison, Krishnamoorthy feels threatened. Krishnamoorthy has a young daughter, Nandini, and is afraid that Vasu will kill her.

One evening, the Krishnamurthy is seen as ruthlessly killed in his room, Jayaraman turns into the main observer. Undaunted by the mounting pressure, Jayaraman chooses to figure out reality and safeguard Nandini, who has been left in his consideration.

3.7th Day

The story begins with David Abraham, IPS during one evening. when he leaves a party, he engages in a mishap with Shan and Vinu. David takes them to the emergency clinic to treat Vinu’s physical issue which he supported while tumbling off the bike. From the emergency clinic Vinu get away. David begins to think that there is something wrong.

4.Puthiya Niyamam

The film tells the Story of Vasuki Iyer (Nayanthara), a Kathakali artist who is hitched to Louis Pothen (Mammootty) , a separation legal counselor. They live respectively with their little girl Chinta (Child Ananya). At some point, three men, specifically Vasuki Arya (Roshan Mathew), Sudeep (Anil K. Reji), and Pachai Basam (Sendrayan) are assaulted.

The assault has left Vasuki damaged. she seeks the help of Jeena Bhai DCP to kill the rapists


S. P. Hameem Hyder (Indrajith) is dedicated police officer in the Special Armed Police Department. However, he is also an egoist and maybe arrogant at times. He is working on a high-profile homicide case, however because of outside pressures, he’s compelled to step apart from the research. This angers him, and he vows to find out who is at the back of his removal from the case.

Meanwhile, a truth crime display called “Views 24×7” is picking up the unsolved murders that Hameem is investigating. This brings priest Varghese Punyaalan (Joy Mathew) and journalist Haritha Menon (Namitha Pramod) into Hameem’s existence.

Hameem, Varghese, and Haritha all have their very own agendas for pursuing the case. Hameem wants to clear his call and bring the real killers to justice. Varghese believes that the murders are linked to a bigger conspiracy. And Haritha is trying to get to the bottom of the tale for her information show


Shruthi is the daughter of a well-known businessman. She attempts to commit suicide because of love failure and Dr. Arun (Saiju Kurup) treats her and that they both end up suitable buddies. They are determined to marry each other and begin to live a happy life.

However, someone blackmails her that he has her intimate images. Shruthi is terrified and does not realize what to do. She would not inform her husband approximately this and the blackmailer maintains threatening her.
The rest of the movie revolves around Dr. Arun who tries to save his wife when her past haunts her.