Internet Trolls Akshata Murty For Her Rs 42,000 Dress At Rishi Sunak Resignation Speech

Akshata Murty trolled on the internet over dress she wore as Rishi Sunak resigned as UK Prime Minister. Her dress costs 395 pounds which is approx. INR 42,000. Social media users make jokes about the dress’s colour, and pattern.

rishi sunak akshata murty
Internet Trolls Akshata Murty For Her Rs 42,000 Dress At Rishi Sunak’s Resignation Speech

London: The Conservative Party faced a crushing defeat by the Labour Party in the recently completed UK Parliamentary elections. Rishi Sunak gave his last speech on Friday outside the Prime Minister’s office at 10 Downing Street. Amid discussions on the future of Britain, another debate started on social media platforms about the dress worn by Sunak’s wife, Akshata Murty, during his resignation speech.

Amid all the political developments, a blue, white, and red-patterned dress became a topic of discussion on the internet. Some people commented on the color of the dress, while others had their unique take on its pattern and cost.

A user made fun of the pattern of the dress, “Here, Akshata Murty’s dazzling camouflage breaks up her shape against the background, making it difficult for German U-boats to ascertain her range, speed and direction.”

“Akshata Murty’s dress is a stereogram and if you squint for long enough you can see an airplane leaving for California,” another commented.
Another user compared Murthy’s dress with QR code, “Akshata Murty’s dress is also a QR code that gets you a Disneyland fast pass.”

Not only that, netizens also spotted the umbrella in Akshata Murty’s hand and had lots to say about that.

“Rishi Sunak giving his resignation speech while his wife, Akshata Murty, loiters in the background with an umbrella is quite… er… odd?” said another person on X.

Notably, the dress is priced at 395 pounds which is approx. INR 42,000. The couple’s wealth accumulated to an estimated 651 million pounds ($815 million) and they are the wealthiest inhabitants yet of No. 10 Downing Street, as per Sunday Times’ 2024 Rich List.