High Drama At Prayagraj School As Principal Dragged Out From Office After Being Sacked Over Paper Leak Allegations

A school principal in Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh was dragged out of her office by staffers after she was sacked over her involvement in a paper leak case but refused to vacate the chair.

WATCH: High Drama At Prayagraj School As Principal Dragged Out From Office After Being Sacked Over Paper Leak Allegations
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Prayagraj Viral Video: Dramatic scenes were witnessed at a school in Prayagraj district of Uttar Pradesh where the principal was forcefully removed from her office after she was sacked over a paper leak case. Parul Solomon, the principal of Bishop Johnson Girls’ School and College was terminated from her post after being found complicit in an alleged paper leak case but refused vacate her chair, leading to a chaotic situation wherein she was forcibly removed from office by the school staff.

A video of the incident has gone viral on social media sites showing Solomon being dragged out of the office on her chair as she engages in a verbal spat with the school staff.


As per details, the former principal was found involved in a paper leak case which took place on the school premises earlier this year on February 11. During investigation, it was found that one of the accused, identified as Kamlesh Kumar Pal alias KK, a member of the ‘paper leak gang’, reportedly took pictures of the paper when it arrived at the school from the treasury, and leaked it ahead of the exams.

Ten persons were arrested by the police in the case and investigations pointed at the school principal Parul Solomon as one of the main culprits. Later, Solomon’s services were terminated by the state authorities after her name came up in the case and a new principal, Shirley Massey, was appointed in her place.

However, chaos ensued at the principal’s office when Solomon refused to vacate her chair, prompting the school staff to literally drag her out on the chair. Reports said that Solomon had locked the office door from the inside when Massey came to join her duties.

Soon, some teachers and other members of the school staff, broke the door open and dragged a defiant Solomon out on her chair, making the way for Massey to take her rightful spot as the new principal of the institution.

After Solomon was vacated from the office, the staffers made Massey sit on the chair amidst a round of applause, bringing an end to the drama.

Meanwhile, Parul Solomon has filed a complaint against her former colleagues, accusing the school staff of molesting her. Police said that based on her complaint, they have registered a case against some staff members and others.

Notably, the staffers have accused Solomon embezzling Rs 2.4 crore from the school during her tenure as principal.

Further investigation in the case is ongoing, police said.

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