Girl On Bullet Motorcycle Beats Auto Rickshaw Driver On Delhi Road With Hockey Stick

In a road rage incident in Delhi, a girl on a motorcycle thrashed an auto driver with a hockey stick for not giving her way. The video is viral.

girl beat auto rikshaw driver
Watch: Girl On Bullet Motorcycle Beats Auto Rickshaw Driver On Delhi Road With Hockey Stick

Girl Brutally Thrashes Auto Driver in Delhi: A video of a girl thrashing an auto rickshaw driver black and blue in the middle of a busy road in the national capital has gone viral on the internet like wildfire. The incident took place in Delhi’s Nihal Vihar, where a girl brutally thrashed an auto driver with a hockey stick. The viral video has left netizens appalled, with many demanding stringent actions against the girl for her behaviour.

In the clip, the girl can be seen mercilessly beating an auto driver with a hockey stick. She can also be seen punching and slapping him. The clip further featured interference from onlookers confronting the accused girl for her violent behaviour. The disturbing clip also showcased the driver bleeding profusely.

Unfazed, she continues to scream and attempts to leave on her bullet bike as the crowd threatens to call the police. In the video, the girl claims that the driver was drunk but the bystanders refuted this. However, the caption shared along with the video mentioned the incident started when the auto-driver carrying the school children couldn’t move his vehicle because a rickshaw was blocking the way. The girl behind the auto-driver honked at him but when he couldn’t move, she lost her patience and resorted to violence.

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Despite all odds, the young woman screams out angrily and attempts to depart on her bike. Bystanders caution her about potential police involvement, but she’s unmoved. The clip illustrates her accusation of the driver’s inebriation, an allegation that those present disagreed with. Still, the video’s accompanying explanation suggests that the standoff was initiated when an obstructing rickshaw halted the auto-rickshaw driver, who was ferrying schoolchildren. The woman, who was trailing the driver, started honking impatiently. When he didn’t move, she rapidly lost her patience and resorted to hostility.

Since being shared on X, the clip has accumulated thousands of views and sparked widespread criticism from  online users who demanded strict action against the girl.

Here are some comments by the users.

“Make sure this papa ki pari goes to jail. Just because she is riding a bullet, she think she is a mafia and can do goonda gardi in public,” one of the users said.

“It’s not road rage anymore, it’s clearly attempted murder. The girl cannot escape playing victim card, if the police does their job honestly,” another user said.

“Look at all the lies and false things she is accusing him off. If there were no cameras to record this, the guy would be in jail and she would be celebrated as a hero,” said the third.

“She has no business assaulting him with a weapon. Must be booked under new criminal law,” another user said.