Bull Charges Woman at Café Entrance, Watch What Happens Next

Viral Video: A bull standing at a café’s entrance charges a woman who trying to pass by the animal. Watch here.

bull charges woman
Viral Video: Bull Charges Woman at Café Entrance, Watch What Happens Next

Viral Video Of Bull Charges Woman At Cafe Entrance: In India, cows and bulls are considered sacred and are worshipped by people. These cattle are harmless and are used for milk and agricultural purposes. The number of stray cattle in the country is also significant. Although these are peaceful animals, they can sometimes become aggressive due to human provocations. Recently, a video of a woman went viral on the internet in which a bull can be seen charging at her at a café in Uttarakhand’s Naukuchiatal.

In the clip, a bull is seen standing at the entrance of a café to avoid getting wet from the rain. The animal appears calm and is not disturbing anyone, just trying to take shelter and waiting for the rain to stop. As the video progresses, a woman is seen trying to pass by the animal and showing it an umbrella. When she attempts to pass by the bull, it charges at her. Fortunately, she manages to avoid getting hurt by the bull’s horns.

The video was shared on X (formerly Twitter) by user named @Benarasiyaa with the caption, “About last evening in Naukuchiatal in Uttarakhand. A bull taking shelter in a cafe charged at a the manager trying to clear the entrance. Fortunately, she escaped unhurt. Stray cattle is menace everywhere.”

According to the post, the woman is the manager of the café.

Bull Charges Woman: Watch Viral Video Here

Since being shared, the clip has accumulated over one lakh views. The video also prompted netizens to express their thoughts in the comments section.

Here Are Some Comments

• “I love cows and have two at home but we need to fix the issue almost had two accident in last week due to cow suddenly start running and changing direction. Applying hard brakes in rainy season will cause skiding on my scooty so it has become more dangerous in this season,” a user commented.
• “This world is not only for humans,” another commented, supporting the cattle.
• “I think the woman is not familiar with bulls or cows… the way she put her umbrela ahead like a stick.. it surely instigated.. had she simply carefully walked by without a lime light to the bull .. bull may nt have cared. Though its nt easy 2 do tht,” said another.
• “Was she out of mind? Through water at cattle when you want it to move. It works,” said another user.
• “Live outside of your house without shelter a day. Live a stray life then do this bakaiti,” a user commented.