10 Smart Side Hustles For Lawyers In 2023

As a senior copywriter and SEO expert, I understand the importance of crafting high-quality content that not only engages readers but also ranks well in search engines. In this comprehensive article, we will explore ten smart side hustles specifically tailored for lawyers in 2023. These side hustles offer excellent opportunities to leverage your legal expertise, diversify your income streams, and stay ahead in the competitive legal landscape.


The legal profession has evolved significantly over the years, and lawyers now have various avenues to explore beyond their traditional roles. Side hustles have become a popular way for lawyers to earn extra income, gain new skills, and make the most of their legal expertise. In this article, we will delve into ten smart side hustles that lawyers can pursue in 2023.

1. Blogging for Legal Publications

If you have a passion for writing and a deep understanding of legal matters, consider starting a blog focused on legal topics. You can share your insights, analysis of recent cases, and offer valuable advice to your readers. With the right content strategy and promotion, your blog can attract a significant audience, opening doors for collaboration with legal publications and guest posting opportunities.

2. Legal Consulting for Startups

The startup ecosystem is constantly growing, and entrepreneurs often need legal guidance to navigate the complexities of business law. As a lawyer, you can provide legal consulting services to startups, helping them with entity formation, contracts, intellectual property, and compliance matters. This side hustle allows you to work with innovative companies and contribute to their success.

3. Online Legal Courses

The demand for online education has soared, and lawyers can capitalize on this trend by creating and selling online legal courses. Whether it’s explaining legal concepts or providing CLE (Continuing Legal Education) courses, this side hustle can not only generate passive income but also establish you as an authority in your field.

4. Legal Copywriting

Law firms and legal service providers require persuasive and well-crafted copy for their websites, marketing materials, and advertisements. If you have a flair for writing, offering legal copywriting services can be a lucrative side hustle. You can showcase your legal knowledge while providing valuable content that resonates with potential clients.

5. Mediation and Arbitration Services

Lawyers with strong negotiation and conflict resolution skills can venture into mediation and arbitration services. As a mediator or arbitrator, you can help parties reach mutually beneficial agreements without the need for costly and time-consuming litigation. This alternative dispute resolution side hustle allows you to make a positive impact on individuals and businesses.

6. Legal Podcasting

Podcasts continue to gain popularity, and there is a growing appetite for legal podcasts that demystify complex legal matters for the general audience. By starting your legal podcast, you can engage with listeners, interview fellow legal professionals, and share valuable legal insights. With consistent and engaging content, you can attract sponsors and monetize your podcast.

7. Intellectual Property (IP) Consulting

Lawyers with expertise in intellectual property law can offer consulting services to inventors, creators, and businesses seeking to protect their patents, trademarks, and copyrights. This side hustle enables you to work with innovators across various industries while safeguarding their valuable IP assets.

8. Legal Blog Management

Many law firms struggle to maintain an active and engaging blog due to time constraints. Offering legal blog management services allows you to curate relevant content, optimize posts for SEO, and manage blog publishing schedules. By doing so, you can help law firms establish their online presence and attract potential clients.

9. Legal Tech Product Reviews

As technology continues to revolutionize the legal sector, lawyers can leverage their expertise to review and recommend legal tech products. You can create a website or YouTube channel where you review legal software, apps, and tools, helping fellow legal professionals make informed decisions about adopting these technologies.

10. E-Discovery Services

E-discovery is an integral part of modern litigation, and lawyers with expertise in this area can offer e-discovery services to other law firms. By assisting with data collection, review, and analysis, you can provide a valuable service that saves time and effort for your colleagues in the legal industry.


What are side hustles for lawyers?

Side hustles for lawyers are additional sources of income and professional opportunities that lawyers pursue outside their primary legal practice. These side hustles allow lawyers to leverage their legal expertise in diverse ways and explore new avenues within the legal industry.

Can side hustles be pursued alongside a full-time legal practice?

Yes, most side hustles for lawyers are designed to be flexible, allowing lawyers to balance them alongside their full-time legal practice.

Which side hustle is suitable for lawyers with excellent writing skills?

Lawyers with strong writing skills can explore legal blogging or legal copywriting as side hustles. They can start a blog, contribute to legal publications, or offer copywriting services to law firms and legal service providers.

Are online legal courses a viable side hustle for lawyers?

Yes, online legal courses can be a highly viable side hustle for lawyers. Creating and selling courses on legal topics can generate passive income and establish the lawyer as an authority in their field.

Can lawyers with expertise in intellectual property benefit from side hustles?

Absolutely. Lawyers with expertise in intellectual property (IP) law can offer consulting services to inventors, creators, and businesses seeking to protect their patents, trademarks, and copyrights.


In conclusion, the legal profession offers numerous opportunities for lawyers to explore smart and lucrative side hustles in 2023. Whether it’s leveraging your writing skills, providing consulting services, or embracing technology, these side hustles allow you to enhance your income, diversify your legal career, and stay relevant in an ever-changing legal landscape.